Monday, December 17, 2012

Uma Thurman Nose

Uma Thurman, 42, is rumored to have had a nose job early on in her acting career. According to plastic surgeon experts, Uma's transformation has been subtle.

To take things from the very beginning, when Uma rose to stardom in the 1990s, her nose had a very rounded tip. Since then, the tip seems slimmer, but the bridge appears wider. The result is a very natural looking nose, so natural in fact that many doubt whether or not the nose job ever occurred or if it's simply the result of excellent makeup techniques. Thurman likely had her nose adjusted to fit her face.

In spite of being middle-aged, Uma shows very few signs of ageing. She possibly uses Botox carefully, Restylane or Juvederm fillers, laser treatments like CoolTouch, Pixel, or Fraxel, or a radio-frequency treatment like Thermage to remove signs of ageing on the surface of her skin, like fine lines and blemishes.

It has to be noted that Uma Thurman has opened up about her skin care regimen, which includes the celebrity line Sjal and most notably Sjal Orbe Eye Creme, which may be what is helping protect the skin around her eyes from ageing and environment damage.

Uma's subtle use of plastic surgery has yielded impressive results, as she is left looking fresh and young, even when she goes makeup free. Uma's nose job is certainly not overdone.

The question is: "What is Uma Thurman's response to her supposed nose job?"


The truth is that Uma Thurman is sick and tired of responding to plastic surgery rumors and denies going under the knife. On the other hand,  she admits she has
always been unhappy with her nose.

Uma was quoted as saying: "Maybe I should have had (a nose job) a long time ago. But I think it's a little late in my career to do it now. But if anyone has any good doctors to recommend, let me know."

If Thurman had a nose job, it is definitely a good one, because it refines what she currently possess instead of trying to remake a feature into something that it is not.


Conclusion: With or without a nose job Uma Thurman still remains beautiful. 

What do you think? Did Uma Thurman go under the knife for a nose job?

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