Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sharon Osbourne Admits She Has Colon, Breast And Ovarian Cancer Genes

Last month Sharon Osbourne made the shocking revelation that she had double mastectomy after being told she was carrying the fatal breast cancer gene.

Now Sharon Osbourne opens up about the $250,000 DNA tests that proved she also has colon and ovarian cancer genes. Sharon, 60, went into detail during an interview with Howard Stern on his radio show this week.

Ironically Sharon told the DNA tests were initially performed on her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, because scientists wanted to know how Ozzy, 64, has kept going despite his well-known drug abuse problems.

Sharon Osbourne was quoted as saying: "The scientist wanted to see how Ozzy had lived so long despite the drink and drugs. I said he would do it and they said: "We are doing you too".

"The tests tell you all your genes and what you might get or have got. My husband walks away and he is genetically blessed and is perfect, thank God. But I had colon, breast and ovarian cancer genes," Sharon added.

In a previous interview with Hello! Magazine Osbourne claimed having a double mastectomy even though she hadn't developed breast cancer, was a "no brainer."

Now Sharon reveals she is happy with her new rebuilt boobs. Sharon told Stern: "I had my entire breasts cut off and they rebuilt them. They look very small and perky, like they belong on somebody else but me. I have only got one nipple but I am going to have the other done."

Sharon Osbourne, who battled colon cancer nearly ten years ago, joked: "I am so busy and now it looks like my t**s wink at my husband every morning."

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