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Emma Stone Quotes

1. I was a good-looking kid. I never felt, like, dorky. I was just like: "Yup, these are my braces. I've had them forever."

2. I think "Saturday Night Live", starting in the 1970s, really gave women an outlet to be funny. A lot of those women went on to have film careers, from Kristen Wiig now to Tina Fey and Gilda Radner.

3. I used to do Facebook but you get a little too wrapped up in that stuff. It's more distracting than anything so I don't any more. I left it behind. I detoxed!

4. So one day, in a fit of trying to do something different, I just dyed my hair dark brown and got my first role a week later, after which I thought: "People are closed-minded, man! Like a different hair color changes everything!"

5. He's my favorite! He wrote and produced, and starred in and cast all of his movies! Can you imagine? I get really excited when I talk about Charlie Chaplin.

6. My parents are both very funny but they're also relatively soft-spoken, normal human beings while I'm just a lunatic. I don't know where this loud, ballsy, hammy ridiculousness came from. I'm just glad I followed my goals and my parents did too. It's not like we even had a plan when I dragged my mom to Los Angeles.

7. I like to look like a person. It drives me crazy when you see women in movies playing teachers, and they have biceps. It totally takes me out of the movie. I start thinking: "Wow, that actress playing this part really looks great!"

8. I mean, I haven't been around very long. I can't expect everyone to have seen "The House Bunny". Oh God. I am having such waves of internal embarrassment, which now I'm admitting on a tape recorder. This is so one of the things I should keep in my head.

9. I think the number one thing that I find important is the importance of honesty with your friends and your parents, if you can be. But I think that telling people how you really feel, being who you truly are, being safe and taking care of yourself is the most important thing.

10. I'm actually the last person to ask about school. I kinda ducked out at 12, before all that stuff might have happened. I left school after sixth grade and was basically home-schooled after that.

11. It's definitely a shock to go from being 15 in high school to working. There's no real cushion there. There's no preparation at all. You learn by doing.

12. When I was 14 -years-old, I made this PowerPoint presentation, and I invited my parents into my room and gave them popcorn. It was called "Project Hollywood 2004" and it worked. I moved to L.A. in January of 2004.

13. So anyway, I've learned a lot about myself just in terms of acting but just work ethic and interesting things like full-page monologues or talking straight into camera, which I had never gotten to do before.

14. I don't see women as catty and competitive all the time.

15. I'm blessed with a great family and great people around me that would be able to kick my butt if I ever for one minute got lost up in the clouds. I've been really lucky in that sense.

16. Most people go through this when they're like, 14. I'm like: "Hey, what's up everybody? I moved to New York and got five piercings!"

17. I always think it's funny when people feel they have to be delicate with me. On Superbad, people would say absolutely anything every single day. After that, nothing could faze me.

18. Probably the day I was born. I don't think I stopped talking or making noise since. My parents can verify that for you.

19. I put a large amount of pressure on myself while we were shooting it. I was a lunatic. I broke out all over my face and turned into this crazy person. But I am so insanely grateful that this happened.

20. I'm not there to be the token sexy girl. I don't know that I would ever be able to pull that off. It's nice that those characters Ive played feel uncomfortable as well because it's so much more realistic.

21. I think I was drawn to comedy originally because when I was really young, by the time I was eight I had seen movies like The Jerk, Animal House, and Planes, Trains & Automobiles with my dad, and I knew them by heart…I loved them and my dad loved them, and we would laugh together, and I would think: "This is love." I just wanted to make people feel like that.

22. I'm into a wide spectrum of music so I definitely would be drawn to the music.

23. I think I really love films and I love being able to go to a different project every couple months and to play another character and not be stuck in the same thing for years and years possibly on end. But there are some amazing shows I would have just died to be a part of.

24. Arrogance would bother me, but I haven't really come into contact with that too much. I guess it depends on the person because one person could do something and another person could do the same thing and it comes off a little bit different, right? There's just something about them, their whole aura.

25. I am such a nerd. I'm crazy about movies. My whole life just revolves around them.

26. I absolutely love writing. As a kid I won spelling bees, but I am really good with grammar. I'm the kind of person that would love to be a copy editor. I get on people's cases all the time about grammar. I am crazy about Hunter S. Thompson. I'm very into journalism. I'm a little obsessed, yeah, I love it.

27. My ultimate goal is to produce and make movies that are in alignment with the honesty of the movies that affected me in my past. It's really incredible to see something that you got to be a part of become something that people really respond to and are grateful is around.

28. I'm a huge music fan. I usually say that if I had been born with a musical inclination it would've been great. The Beatles changed everything for me and I wanted to be a journalist for Rolling Stone. I'm a big music fan in a Cameron Crowe way, kind of in a spectator way.

29. I fear my taste is too good to trust myself to write a good movie. I just feel like I know what a good movie is when I see it, but it doesn't mean I could write that movie. There are better writers out there for the screen than me but I would love to learn.

30. I'm a person who relies very heavily on intuition and feeling out the situation, so I've never really made a five-year plan or anything like that, if it's right, it will fall into place and if not, I understand.

31. I try not to make predictions, things happen when they are supposed to happen. I'm 19. I should be in college, I did not go to college at all. I left high school my freshman year and finished through home school, so I'm by no means credibly educated. But I try to make up for it in sense of humor or something.

32. I just always wanted to act from birth.

33. I just act on what I respond to. And I like strong females who are independent.

34. My mind works in five-minute increments.

35. I challenge myself to take at least one fashion risk a day, otherwise I get stuck.

36. I really have blonde hair naturally but my mom's a redhead. I think it's a skin tone thing laughs but I love having red hair. It was actually Judd who picked it for Superbad and that's when I first dyed my hair red. So Judd Apatow made me a redhead.

37. I haven't really heard any rumors about me, but I keep encouraging people to please make some up. They are always so much better than the truth.

38. (on shooting "Superbad") It's incredible, it's been really fun and really funny and I can't stop breaking character which is getting me in trouble sometimes but it's alright, ya know…I just keep laughing.

39. Haven't had to fight off any Seth characters. And I'm not fighting him off. It's a situation where I really do like him. I just don't want our first kiss to happen in that situation. But, no, I've never really had that experience. Of someone coming on to me being out of their mind drunk. I'm the lucky one, maybe.

40. I realize I have a lot of amazing opportunities, but I don't know how you can play a human being going through real human experiences without being able to walk down the street. If you can't live a real life, how do you play a real person? It always confuses me when actors work back-to-back-to-back with no break. If you live your life on a film set, how the hell can you relate to real people? You don't know what its like to not have people fussing over you all day, and that's not life - that's silly movies. I will always want to take breaks and I wouldn't be OK with losing that.

41. (on her hair for her role in "The Amazing Spider-Man") I have blonde hair now since Gwen (Stacy) has blonde hair. My hair is naturally blonde, so it's kind of nice. I look in the mirror and say: "Oh my God, it's me again, it's been so long!"

42. Blondes do have more fun. But sometimes I look in the mirror and still feel like I'm wearing a wig.

43. Y'know when you think "I can't do something because this or this or this." You can actually do anything you want, like I could ballistic right now and tear this whole room apart, I could but I'm not going to because logic is stopping me but you can do whatever you want. You really can veer off any path at any time. Never give up!

44. I was a stepsister in a local production of "Cinderella". I had crazy red hair in a cone shape and lots of blue eye shadow. I had braces at the time, so whenever I smiled it was all red lipstick on my teeth, which was really attractive. After that I did a play called "Noises Off", and when that was over I thought, I really want to be in movies. So I asked my parents and eventually they said yes.

45. (on beauty) Confidence is the only key. I know a lot of people who aren't traditionally "beautiful" - not symmetrical or perfect-bodied or perfect-skinned. But none of that matters because all that shines through is their confidence, humor and comfort with themselves. I can't think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.

46. (on "Crazy, Stupid, Love.") First of all, do you know how rare it is that you read an original script - a story that isn't a sequel, prequel, threequel? But this movie covers all of these different kind of relationships, and it looks at them in original ways. How unusual is it that you see a story in which a woman cheats on her husband but you also root for them to get back together?

47. (on performing flying-stunt sequences in "The Amazing Spider-Man") I will say this about wirework. It's like the difference between roller coaster and bungee jump. I'm fine in a roller coaster. but put me in a bungee thing where they shoot you up and you freefall? I don't like that. It's fine if there's a track and some kind of harness, but I get really freaked-out if it's in any way a free fall.

48. We went to Coronado every summer, so I always think of driving over that bridge from San Diego, and then walking down that little strip on the main street, going cosmic bowling at midnight, eating at this 24-hour diner at 3 a.m. - that's summer to me. We'd just hang out on the beach and walk around and go to Hotel Del Coronado, and learn about the ghost of the Hotel Del.

49. There's this Ryan Gosling quote that I steal all the time - I watched an interview with him in Cannes - and he said picking roles is like listening to songs on the radio: There can be a lot of really great songs in a row, but then one comes on that just makes you want to dance.

50. My instincts seem to come from a different place - they feel headier to me, and I get the wrong scent and go off on these whims.

51. I learned to play the bass for "The Rocker". They sent over a bass coach the night I got the role, so I had to get into it right away and get calluses as quickly as possible. So I can play all the songs in the movie, but that's pretty much where the line ends. I bought a Fender Mustang bass, a really nice off-white, ivory bass, when I got home. I have not touched it since. And I need to. It's in my house, it's sitting there waiting. You know what? After this conversation, I'm going to go play some bass. That's what's going to happen.

52. You're only human. You live once and life is wonderful so eat the damn red velvet cupcake!

53. My dream is to be on Saturday Night Live and that dream has not faded away.

54. After filming for two months, red leather pants and snakeskin looked pretty normal by the end of the day. It was weird to see Rainn in his regular clothes. It was like: "Why aren't you wearing more leather?"

55. I put a Madonna song in it and lots of pictures of people and pictures of the Hollywood Hills. I was really into HTML and web design when I was younger. I felt pretty skilled at Powerpoint which, now, if you watch it, it was soooo 2003!

56. I tried to do gymnastics for years and I just could not do it.

57. I just bought my first pair of Louboutins last summer, but I love Jimmy Choo.

58. (about her girl crush)  Christina Hendricks. It's a no-brainer. Everything about her does it for me. That's my kind of woman.

59. Oh, for the love, I can't even simulate s*x without dying! I had a little asthma attack, without any prior knowledge that I had asthma, during the scene where we had to jump up and down for hours and hours screaming and yelling on the bed.

60. Here's what it's going to be like the whole movie, as I'm breathing into an oxygen tank. The crew was like: "She's going to be a real blast. Wow. Amazing. A 20-year-old having an asthma attack."

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