Saturday, December 15, 2012

Janice Dickinson Marries A Psychiatrist !

Janice Dickinson is set to wed for a fourth time - and luckily, her husband-to-be is specialized in dealing with bizarre behavior, as he is a psychiatrist!

Janice, 57, proudly flashed a huge diamond ring on her wedding finger Thursday at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills alongside her new fiance, Dr. Robert Gerner.

It has to be noted that Dickinson just three months ago was snapped indulging in an intimate public make out with adult film star James Deen, prompting speculation that her affair with psychopharmacology expert Gerner was history.

Despite that, Janice was already calling Gerner her boyfriend, affectionately dubbing him "Rocky."

Janice even shared a picture on her Twitter page of the two dining at Hollywood hotspot Madeo together with Jimmy Fallon.

Needless to say that Janice hasn't had much luck with marriage in the past... She first got married with Ron Levy, then was  Simon Fields for six years before breaking up in 1993.

In 1995, Janice tied the knot with Albert B. Gersten but the couple broke off their marriage just a year later.

Janice has two children, son Nathan, 25, with her second husband, and daughter Savannah, 18, with former boyfriend Michael Birnbaum.

Hope it works out for them! Do you think they will last?

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Photo credit: HGMPRESS

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