Saturday, February 11, 2012

Women Fall-Winter Makeup Trends 2012-2013

Women Fall-Winter Makeup Trends 2012 Fall-Winter Cosmetics Pattern, Creativity From the Design Driveway is about fashion runway as inspiration of 2012 Fall-Winter makeup trend. Here are some makeup styles for Fall-Winter 2012 products. Some of the style display for version of Fall-Winter 2012 fashion trend, many makeup their designs with some makeup like below.

2012 Fall-Winter cosmetics trends

1. Nude
This is the first 2012 Fall-Winter cosmetics pattern. This year it seems natural cosmetics with unclothed colors are still popular. Key of unclothed cosmetics to prevent being seen light, is a groundwork with close to appearance, light darkish eye darkness, mascara, slim impact on, unclothed shade lip stick and a touching of lip shine to look more gleaming.
2. Wide eyebrows
This is the second 2012 Fall-Winter cosmetics pattern. Eye brows are very slim and type a cres celestial satellite looks old for this season. To type a thick dark-colored eyebrows, the key is a dark-colored forehead pad, like the designs in design display of Alexander Wang, Jean John Gaultier and Oscar de la Renta.
3. Panda eyes
This is the third 2012 Fall-Winter cosmetics pattern. Bbq face or pandas eye cosmetics styles will come back to pattern. If the first smokey face eye cosmetics are very wide, is now more polished. Panda eye cosmetics illustrations can be seen from Dolce & Gabbana, and Chloe design display.
2012 Fall-Winter cosmetics trends

4. Fruit eyeshadow
This is the next 2012 Fall-Winter cosmetics pattern. Really brightly and shaded cosmetics can be seen from Rodarte, D Karan, and Prada design displays, the design home third use orange eye cosmetics for their style. It is approximated that shiny shade will be a cosmetics pattern throughout the season, especially 2012 Fall-Winter cosmetics pattern.
5. Vampire-style lipstick
This is the last 2012 Fall-Winter cosmetics pattern. Makeup styles next season will probably be more different. On the one side you can cosmetics as normal as possible with unclothed cosmetics, on other events you can use shiny colours. As for using brown red lip stick. Lipstick shade that appears like a creature of the night lip was seen in design displays of From Von Furstenberg and Yves E Laurent.

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