Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fashion Trend 2012-2013 with Several Style Designs

2012 Design Pattern with Several Design Designs is about fashion themes this year fashion trend. Coming into 2012, the developer started to concern their design that is predicted to become the new fashion trend. Although each of the developer delivers different types, but generally they are focused on fashion trend which existing in the nations around the world of the style facilities world, such as London, Italia, and so on. With focus on relaxation, slow paced life, informal, and vibrant, it will be modified into 2012 fashion trend with several fashion themes.

2012 design pattern with exotic style
The exotic design is influenced by Summer time in Beautiful lovely hawaii islands. This design design presents many plant elements like the ones in Beautiful lovely hawaii islands. The shiny colours and flower elements on the outfit and the clothing will be many present as 2012 design pattern. But with more loose cuts. Summer time outfit, pants, clothing and shiny colours, like yellow, orange, light blue, and green will control this design.

Previously, exotic design has been a pattern. But for 2012 design pattern, this design redisplay with more ‘daring’, by playing a variety of elements to be combined. For example, midi skirt shiny color flower elements with fringe headscarf leopard design. To adapt this 2012 design pattern, you should not use all flower elements. Quite only with Summer time outfit, floral-patterned body sized shirts, or punch-colored headscarf, or a tropical-themed wedges shoes.

2012 design pattern with opera style
Then the opera design and the design of desert in the 2012 design pattern is shown in a blend various creature elements and colors of the soil, such as khaki, darkish, bright, darkish, bravo, and greyish. Fashion items that most often appear in this theme is a opera jacket and jeans full of openings, creature elements dress, straps, and sneakers of soft set.

To adapt this design this year design pattern, combine short opera khaki jeans with loose white or bravo shirt, and sneakers from set are comfortable.

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